Monday, March 14, 2011

Ooh La La!

I love espadrilles.  They are chic, timeless, and comfortable (for the most part).  They are everywhere this spring.  There is a Prada pair at Saks that I am totally coveting.  The unfortunate part is the $450 price tag (I'd buy 'em, I'd just feel guilty everytime I looked at my son in his he-capris because of his growth spurt) and the fact that it says "Prada" on the bow.  From my rant last month, you probably know my aversion for labels/logo on my clothing.  Not to mention that J. doesn't miss much and Lucy would have some serious 'splainin' to do to Ricky if he noticed the P-word.  Along the same lines of my JC Penney lamps, I have a solution I can live with!

                                                      EXHIBIT "A"                                                     

                                                          Prada Love-$450 smackers

                                                                  EXHIBIT "B"

This Apepazza "Tahiti" espadrille is very close to the Prada one I am lusting after.  It even has cute little studs on the bow!  It doesn't have the height of the Prada one, but my feet will probably thank me.  How do I plan on getting these for free you ask?  My Daddy Father has it at his store!  Yesterday I asked him if I could have a pair.  His response was, "Sure, pack up my grandchildren and come on down and pick them up"!  Okay, so maybe they aren't free but the $120 in gas it will take me to get to his house sure beats the $450 Saks wants!  What do you think?  Are they close enough?

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