Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What You Can Do with $1

You can't do much with $1 these days. Or, can you? Saturday morning the Smurfs were over at a friends house, Mr. T was at work, and I was at home scrubbing the kitchen floors. OK...just kidding! I took advantage of the time and boogied on down to the Habitat ReStore. You know, the one where I bought this. I spent $6...yes, I know this post is about $1 and I'll get to the other $5 later. So, what did I buy with a $1? Here you go...

It's a pallet. Yes, a wooden, often found on the side of the road for free, pallet. I had a project in mind and didn't want just any pallet, I wanted one in good condition. Apparently those cost $1 these days...sold! Here are a few things you can make with a wooden pallet:

Under the Sycamore

Apartment Therapy
Post image for How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden
Life on the Balcony
Amanda Carver Designs
 Here is what Mr. T and I did with our pallet:

A few weeks ago we unbunked Brainy Smurfs bunk beds. All of a sudden we had two twin beds and lots of wall space.  By sticking to our super small budget we were able to create two great walls spaces for Brainy to use! What can you do with $1?

Rachel :)



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Hydrangeas and Harmony said...

Wow! Those turned out great! You almost can't believe they came from pallets, and they're perfect for a boy's room. TFS!

Anonymous said...

What a clever idea, and I love how his room looks with the beds un-bunked. Bet it's a LOT easier to make them up now!! Hope to see y'all soon, S was talking about you today and asking when we could come to your town and visit his "cousins"...awww. :) Penny

Angela said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Whood-a-thunk-it!

stop on by for a visit sometime!

Melissa said...

Very cute!! I love pallet projects. I just became your newest follower! I would love it if you came by to visit me sometime where you can check out the pallet table we just made for our patio!


JoyFilled said...

Oh.My.Gosh. This has made my day. No, YEAR. My dad is an onion farmer so we have pallets GALORE around us. I am totally going to snatch some and make over my home. ;) Thank you SO much for this awesome post!!!!

Unknown said...

Fantastic job! I actually have a bunch of those other pics pinned and a couple pallets sitting around my house, but still haven't done anything with them! I love your ideas!

Unknown said...

Hello! I'm Kassandra and I featured this awesomeness here at my blog Coffee and their Kisses. I hope you'll come by and grab a featured button located at the end of the post. Thanks so much! Have a great day!!

Melissa said...

I love the reuse! Very creative and looks great. And thinks for posting the other pallet projects. too cool.