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We met in college Fall Semester, 1996. It was the beginning of our junior year in college and we had both transfered in from other schools. There we were, first day of school, in our first class together. We had picked the same major and became fast friends.

This blog was started to give us something to do together even though we live miles apart.  Rachel is excellent at organization, DIY projects, and saving money. Marlene can put together a wardrobe, accessorize it (private jeweler by trade http://www.ascotdiamonds.com/ for those interested), find out the newest restaurant or store opening, the latest thing in skin care, and is terrible at homemaking. If you put us together, you would have the perfect woman.  We talk about 5 times a day and our husbands joke that one day we will just live together.  We always respond that we would have a gorgeous house and fabulous wardrobe!

Rachel and Marlene
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