Friday, June 1, 2012

We really tried to resist...

If you aren't a fan of the Fifty Shades of Grey series (or are offended by its content) then I would stop reading now.  If you are smiling at your screen thinking about Christian Grey then by all means, stay with me.  Rachel and I have an ongoing debate about who should play Fifty in the movie version.  No living actor lives up to the vision in my head.  Ryan Gosling keeps popping up on various gossip  news sites as being a front runner for the role.  Just to tease Rachel and to show off my Microsoft Publisher skills, I created this today....

And that's why I'm totally not feeling Ryan Gosling!

Marlene Pin It


Joyce said...

Ummmmmm nope. Cant see him as Grey either.

So far the only one that can come semi close for me is Channing Tatum. And even then thats a bit of a stretch.

But maybe the guy that plays Joe Morelli in One for the money. Have no idea who he is, and I think he has the wrong eye colour, but his sex appeal really grows on you!!

sarah said...

I find Fifty Shades of Grey as breath-taking while reading it. Imagining Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey, is somehow acceptable but not that enticing enough? Well maybe it’s the hair and the color of his eyes that inappropriate for the role. I was thinking of someone with black eyes, tan colored skin, red and fine lips like Matt Bomer. Isn’t he a hottie!

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