Sunday, October 16, 2011

DIY Outdoor Sectional

Oh...Sunday Funday is over. The Smurfs are in bed, and I am reflecting on everything I did and did not get accomplished this weekend. If you read Friday's post, then you already know I've been planning and shopping and working on a friend's deck. I am taking her space and turning it into two usable being a seating area. Mr. T and I got started on it this weekend by building a sectional bench made from none other than pallet wood. I love to recycle it any chance I get and this is the third project we have done using pallets (here and here). Instead of tearing them apart like we did last time, we (meaning he) cut them down, sanded them, added 4x4 legs and a side apron to create two pieces that form an "L" shaped bench. I already have the cushions and pillows, but have to leave some things as a surprise for the end of the week!

always good to be nice and level

front corner

love old wood...

Mr. T working his magic


It doesn't matter if I'm doing something for us or someone else, I am always working on a budget. Just another reason I heart pallets...they are free or super cheap. We used two 3' x 4' pallets for this project that I was able to get for $0! We needed 10 feet of 4 x 4 wood for the 8 legs and a few miscellaneous items like 3" decking screws and sandpaper. The total cost was $15 and it took about 5 hours. Worth it? I think so! I have great plans for this piece and can't wait to share more!

Rachel :)
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Anonymous said...

It's gonna look completely awesome! Can't wait to see it all. Thought of you a ton this weekend as I primed/painted various parts of the outdoor bench. My hands are looking pretty gnarly with all the (oil based) paint stains!! You always look so cute and fresh in the midst of your projects. No fair. :) pen

Rachel said...

hahaha!!! no I don't...its just that no one is there to take pictures! I painted the back doors of this house with oil based paint and am so glad I wore gloves!!

Anonymous said...

Do you have step-by-step instructions for this bench? I have been gathering pallets and yours is the best one i have seen yet. thank you for sharing your skills and your ideas!

Unknown said...

Would love step by step instructions if you have them! Thanks!

Unknown said...

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