Friday, October 14, 2011

Other Peoples Money

I'm not really sure where the week went. I blinked and it was Friday. Seriously. Does anyone else ever have weeks like that? Something super fun did happen this week...I went shopping...with someone else's money! That's right...a friend of mine (because a random person off the street sure wouldn't) asked for my help in decorating her back deck. Her very new, very nice back deck. We were able to sit down together Tuesday afternoon and talk about her hopes for the area. She had a lot of ideas, a budget, and was ready for me to get started! While I have helped people with projects before, this is a first for me. Lets just say that making decisions and spending other peoples money has me a little stressed. I am hoping to finish this project next week (yikes) not only because her parents are coming to visit, but so I can sleep at night! Here are a few before pictures...


The area is a good size...20 x 10. The plan is to turn it into an outdoor room with a seating area and a dining area that seats more than the four her current table seats. The only thing on the deck I am keeping is the umbrella. Everything else will find a new space to live. It's a super fun challenge and I will be using several items I found in her basement along with some new things I've shopped around for. As always, I will build one or two things and upcycle as much as I can. Hopefully I'll have an update or two soon with the final reveal at the end of next week! Wish me luck!!!

Rachel :)
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