Sunday, October 9, 2011

Organizing 101

I am always on a quest for new organizing ideas that are cheap and easy. If it takes a lot of maintenance, it won't last around here. Here are a few genius ideas that I've stumbled on recently...

This year, take all the holiday cards and pictures you get, punch a hole in the side, and hold them together with a metal clasp. When the holidays are over, pack them up with the rest of the decor and get them out year after year to display on a table! Easy and fun!!

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Allen Designs

House paint chips...I am always somewhere, second guessing a purchase, wondering if it will look good with my wall more!! Here is a loop of wooden chips, painted to represent the different colors of a house....genius!!
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Addicted 2 Decorating

If you have wrapping paper all over your house...this is for you! It's a metal trash bin on wheels...the perfect size to hold lots and lots of rolls of paper...perfect!!

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Chez Larsson

I have two of these containers that came from Hobby Lobby. Find them at you nearest craft store and fill the compartments with different size batteries that your family uses. How great to have all of these in one will never run out of batteries again!!!

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Better Homes and Gardens

How simple! If you have a great organizing tip, let me know!

Rachel :)

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Love the paint ring and trash can ideas!