Monday, June 13, 2011

the Moving of the Light

A few months ago I came across this light at a favorite thrift store of mine (technically my 2nd favorite, but who is counting). I wasn't sure if it worked or not when I bought it, but for $10 I was willing to take a chance. There was a slight problem...the current light fixture was about 3 feet away from where I wanted this new awesome light to hang. Hmmmmmmmmm....The electrician quoted us $125 to create a new spot and hang my fabulous new thanks! When we created the new laundry nook, we spent a lot of $ on plumbers and electricians doing work we could not have done ourselves. Mr. T and I have super limited knowledge in the electrical department. That being said, Mr. T thought he could hang this light solo. That's right, all by himself! Yikes!

I measured and marked the spot where I wanted it to hang. Mr.T carefully cut a hole out of the ceiling (our PLASTER ceiling) and removed the "stuff". He went in the attic, located the old light box, installed some stability beams and moved the existing light box. Holy cow! I was amazed! If you read about our newly finished kitchen bench then you already saw this picture...

Oh Yes! It works and it is bright! L.O.V.E.!!!

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Moms Crafty said...

Now that is impressive, Mr. T! Cannot believe he did that! You gotta talk to me about the thrift stores you go to... that may make me come down for a visit!