Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Farmhouse Table

Now that we've finished the kitchen bench, I'm kind of looking forward to moving on to the next project. You know, taking the kids to the pool, doing laundry, cooking, cleaning...ok...just kidding. A year ago my mom and her wonderfully handy better half bought a place at the beach. Ahhhhhh, it doesn't get much better than always having a place to vacay. Except for the fact that I've never been there. So, in a few weeks, the entire family, along with spouses and kids, cousins, some aunts and uncles, and anyone else that wants to tag along, will make the trek to the beach to enjoy a week of sun and sand.

We always have a great time, enjoying the sunny days and cooking together at night with big family style dinners. Our trip also consides with my mom's birthday which falls shortly after this wonderful week is over. What's this got to do with a farmhouse table? Well...the beach place doesn't have a dining table + mom's birthday is in July = Mr. T and I are making her a farmhouse table for her birthday.

It's obviously not a surprise. I needed measurements and wanted some input since I've never been there. It should also be an interesting project because we've never actually made a piece of furniture before. Yes, we took our new kitchen bench apart and made modifications before putting it back together, but this is our first from scratch project. I've got 4 weeks to ago, and during that time we also have Smurfette's birthday, Father's Day, 2 kids going to 5 summer camps, 6 ballet classes, haircuts, allergy shots, check-ups...hmmmmmm. There's also a triathlon I would like to do along with a 5k race. I would really like to have a garage sale and....oh nevermind...time to get busy! Here are a few inspiration pictures...all from my new addiction Pinterest.

Rachel :)
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