Tuesday, June 28, 2011

DIY...Farmhouse Table Frame

If you read this post, then you already know I'm making my mom a farmhouse table for her birthday. It's not a surprise...she's pretty picky, which is why she currently doesn't have a dining table in her beach house. Her instructions were:

1. 54" x 36" table top
2. a 6 inch overhang on all four sides
3. a top from old wood
4. she wanted the edges sanded and rounded
5. and, she's not a huge fan of dark wood...

The first thing I did was build the frame. Simple, right? I took her dimensions, subtracted the inches for the overhang, and built a frame. I already had antique table legs which I used and built an apron to surround them. I used 1" x 2" strips for the apron and made mitered cuts for the corners. I used this same wood to cut two support beams to go in the center of the frame. I cut 5" x 5" pine squares for the tops of the legs. Mr. T screwed from the top of the square into the leg to secure it. The apron was then attached around...

laying out the frame

tops of legs

the apron...Mr. T sunk the screws so I could patch and paint over

mitered corner
I decided to go with a mitered corner rather than a box corner. It took a little more measuring and work, but looks great and was worth it! A few years ago Mr. T gave me a miter saw for Christmas. Best gift ever!!! Every housewife and stay at home mom needs their own miter saw. Seriously.

He also gave me safety goggles which I always never wear! (just kidding Mom:)) Come back tomorrow for the Farmhouse Table Top...you know, the one made from 100 year old wood. That I planked. By myself. Not really...

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