Monday, June 6, 2011

Have you missed me?

I've been a little M.I.A. (again) but I know you have been loving all of Rachel's projects!  I just totally scored at Anthropologie!  I am so excited that I sat down and wrote this as soon as I left the store. Anthropologie is one of those stores that makes me aspire.  I aspire to be a chic bohemian girl who wears her hair naturally curly and can pull off a side French braid.

I realize her hair is straight, but how gorgeous is this?

  As said girl, I would wear cute t-shirts with little birds on them and always have a scarf.  I am working on becoming that girl.  Since I don't roam around Corporate America anymore, I can have fun with my work clothes and I'm finding that my "play" wardrobe crosses over into work territory often.  Just a little "Marlene" insight.

I just got two adorable silk sheath dresses 50% off each!  They were regularly $118 and were marked down to $59.  I actually wasn't shopping which makes this even more exciting.  AND I had just returned a skirt at a different store that was as much as one of the dresses and not as functional.  (Truth-it was a white running skirt with ruffles.  What was I thinking?)  I went to get a sandwich at the shop across the mall and the magnetic pull of Anthropologie pulled me inside.

How cute is this?  I can wear it with wedges, heels, or flip flops!  You can't tell but it has the most adorable wooden buttons on the left shoulder.

The other dress is the exact same shape but has a band of bright turquoise on the top, muted grey in the middle and a small band of bright yellow at the hem.

Here is where I really get excited.  Both dresses have little slips that snap onto loops in the shoulders.  I already have a slip that is beyond wonderful.

I am actually wearing the slip with a different dress today so I tried it on with the new ones and it works perfectly (yet again!).  I won't wear the slips that came with the dresses so that makes them...NEW NIGHT GOWNS!  

Oh happy day!!!


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