Tuesday, March 8, 2011

So completely torn...

Every once in a while I get distracted from jewelry, clothing and shoes.  Not often, but it does happen.  Every time I have checked my email for the last week Rachel has sent me another fabulous blog about decorating. She so embarrasingly helpfully told you about my blog-crush on House*Tweaking. I've totally gotten sucked in and now have new plans for my entire home.  I'm going from comfortable/casual/farmhouse(y) to modern casual(ish).  Can you tell I have decor commitment issues? 

Anyway, I need to distract myself. If Rachel and I both blogged about organizing and house stuff, we would have to change the name of this blog.  Or who knows, maybe you all just put up with me and take one for the team to have access to Rachel's creativity. 

I digress...Every March and August there is a huge jewelry show in town.  I LOVE it!  They are very strict about who can get in-you have to have a W2 or 1099 showing you are an employee of a jewelry store and a business card.  Sometimes I leave very frustrated because a lot of these companies have ordering minimums and you can't just go in and buy everything you see.  That being said, I've never left empty handed. The difference now is that I'm surrounded by amazing quality diamonds and jewelry everyday.  The stuff that once looked intriguing at the show now looks like junk.  Lucky for me, this year's show coincided with J winning money at the casino-he actually handed me money and said go have fun (Love ya, babe!)!  Here is what I bought:

It's a sapphire bead bracelet with a diamond disc from Meira T. Designs

Remember the diamond bar bracelet? I had one made!  It kept spinning around my wrist so I had one of our jewelers string it with moonstone beads.  Here is a fuzzy picture of what it looks like with my new bracelet!

I also bought some tiny moonstone beads the same size as the sapphire ones and will have it re-strung with those!   Considering the 9+ blue dresses waiting in my closet for Spring, I think this will be perfect! 

Whew...now that I've been true to myself, I'm off to go stalk these lamps that are on clearance at JC Penney! 


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Rachel said...

Love it!!! Love you!!! Can't wait to see your new lamps :)