Saturday, March 19, 2011

Backyard Blues

I'm not exactly MIA...but what can i say? Spring is here and that means when it comes to matters of the home and yard, I have serious attention problems. I want to do so much...I want to do it all. I start a million of DIY projects and am generally going in ten million directions. These are a few of the things I've been working on the past few days:

1. still hunting for bedroom linens
2. refinishing a piece of furniture for Smurfettes room (stay tuned!)
3. working on another piece of furniture for her room
4. painting lamps and shades for the same room
5. sewing a tulle table skirt...for guess which room?
6. painting frames and hanging pictures for the above room
7. do we see a pattern here?
8. cleaned out my pantry
9. embellished a mirror
10. cleaned up tons of feathers from my naked bed linens

Add my project list to my daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, volunteering, swimming, running, play practice, dance class, baseball practice, baseball games, and... get the picture? My latest is trying to convince Mr. T that we need to remove the back storm doors, which are old and nasty, and paint our wooden doors to look like this:

compliments of Turquoise Shed

This could easily be my back door. I am so ready for the creeping fig to fill in. I want to hang Boston ferns and have potted plants everywhere. Add streams of twinkling lights, light a fire in the pit and I might stay outside all night. I have told myself no outside projects until after spring break. Hurry up April, hurry up...

Rachel :)
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