Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silhouette Pillows

I love, love, love silhouettes and have several in my house from when I was a baby and toddler. They are classic and never ever go out of style. Many of my friends have questioned my ethnicity when they see this silhouette of me (right) and my mom (left) from the 70's:

yes...she could have been a part of the Jackson 5

A few months ago I ran across a blog about silhouette pillows. I thought it was a super great idea; somewhat of a modern take on a silhouette and another way to personalize a pillow rather than a monogram. I took profile pictures of Brainy Smurf and Smurfette, enlarged then printed them on our home computer, and gathered a few other supplies. Hobby Lobby has super great self adhesive felt and after a few minutes I had transformed a plain pillow!

supplies...and a big headed Brainy Smurf
before pillow

after pillow
This entire project cost 99 cents for the felt. Everything else I already had! Super cute (I think) and super cheap! On another note, I have been working on updating Smurfette's bedroom. She was 5 when it was last painted and given a makeover from her toddler room. We are not changing bedding, or painting the walls...just giving it a little update now that she is a big girl about to be 8.

Stayed turned to see what we have done with purple chalkboard paint...yikes!!!

Rachel :)

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