Saturday, March 5, 2011

Barney...the big purple chalkboard!?!

I've fallen in love...with chalkboard paint!!! What a fun, inexpensive way to update a room. This week I took Smurfettes 1950's metal closet doors (those things are heavy!) from plain and boring to a BIG purple chalkboard.

finally dry, up, and ready to go!

I wanted to give Brainy Smurf a chance to express himself, I also turned his closet door into a big chalkboard.

The Smurfs are super excited these projects are finished and are really enjoying them. I am hoping the mess and dust will not be too bad...I can't lie, at times it's a lot, but Office Depot carries dustless chalk so I am heading out this week to track some down. Cheers to some old school fun without the dust!

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