Friday, March 18, 2011

Best Little Black Dress EVER!

We had a photo shoot at the office to get some shots for the new and improved Ascot Diamonds website.  Of course, the minute someone said the words "photos" and "dress up" I had to run out and buy a new outfit.  I went to my favorite store, Hand In Pocket, and said, "I need a black or blue dress-STAT!" They always have exactly what I need.  They totally outdid themselves this time.  This is the most fabulous black dress I've ever owned.  I can't think of an occasion that this dress wouldn't be right for (sorry about the grammar there, I re-wrote this sentence 5 times and couldn't get it right).  Without further ado...


I should have warned you that I would be in the picture looking not so great.  You really can't tell from this photo what makes this dress so fab.  Here is a close up of the sleeves:

Cute, right?

Here is the front...there are so many delish things to focus on.  Warning:  picture of me again.

And since I'm the author of this post, I get to add one picture that has been Photoshopped (for my vanity!)

I looked everywhere online for this dress in order to spare you the pictures of moi, but they don't exist!  The dress is by MM Couture, but it's not even on their website.  Guess I just got lucky!


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