Friday, February 18, 2011

My UNfavorite things

Generally this blog is about positive things: fun accessories, good finds to enhance your life, organizing your home, exercising.  This week, I am in one of those moods, though.  I need to vent. 

My rules of shopping and dressing are simple.  If I like it, I'll buy it.  I don't care how much it costs (on the cheap end, that is) or where it came from (I can't do used clothing, though.  Nothing against people who can, I'm just not built that way.  Thank goodness my boys are!).  I'm actually more excited to tell someone about my $25 Target boots than a $250 pair.  It feels like I've really done something, I guess. 

To my point...

I can't stand when people buy obvious things in an effort to have style.  I would much prefer someone NOT know where I got something. I  routinely mix Target and Old Navy into my wardrobe.  My shoes might be  more expensive than the rest of my outfit combined, but you would never know!

Here are a few of my top complaints:

1. Tory Burch

I just don't get it.  I was at a meeting this week with approximately 75 other females.  There was so much Tory Burch there that I think I threw up in my mouth made a sour face.  There is nothing remarkable about anything she puts out.  It's just a ballet flat (or handbag or diaper bag or flip flops) with her logo on it, people!  Pretty much, you are paying a premium so that A) everyone you meet will know how much you spent on your shoes, B) you can be a free walking advertisement for sweet Tory, and C) you can actually prove that you have no creativity and passed up that cute flat at Target so you could pay a premium to do A. and B.  I don't like to say "never", but mark my words, I WILL NEVER BUY TORY BURCH!

2. Classic Louis Vuitton/Fendi Handbags

My problem here is that you are paying thousands of dollars for something that can be bought in China for about $15.00.  I'm certainly not talking about quality.  I hate the logo print that both of these houses use.  Again, it screams, "Look at me!  I charged a whole bunch on my credit card spent a lot of money to have this bag!"  It is replicated so well in China that it's lost it's exclusivity.  There are some really amazing things from both brands but Jane Doe walking down the street isn't the girl carrying them.  She's carrying a fake logo bag that she bought on a trip to New York.

3. Pandora Bracelets

Ugh...gross.  I am sure I am offending people left and right, but please know, I like you.  Really, I do! 

Before you buy that Pandora charm, please stop and think about that local artist who does insanely unique pieces that are one-of-a kind and will cost you half of what that bracelet will end up costing.  And no one else will have one!!!

I could go on for hours.  Rachel wanted me to include Vera Bradley bags, too.  I'm going to end on a positive note, though!

Check out this website .  I am in love with her jewelry!  Especially the sterling silver stuff.  Instead of diamonds, she uses white sapphires which brings the price waaayyy down!  Genius!  The best part is that she is still relatively new and unknown.  I talked to her on the phone yesterday and she's really sweet, too.

This bracelet costs $16,500, but it's so beautiful.

Grumpily yours,

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