Monday, February 7, 2011

Best Buy

Who doesn't love a best buy? No, not the place where you go to buy electronics...a best buy as in a really, really, really good deal! This fall Mr. T and I took Brainy Smurf and Smurfette to Atlanta for a fun weekend. We did all the touristy things: World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium, walked around downtown, ate at the American Girl Bistro, and took in a Braves game. We also did a little bit of shopping while we were there. When you shop with kids a little bit means run in and run out!

While we were most definitely not in the market for a new coffee table for our living room, we came across one deal that was too good to pass up. Actually I passed it up the first time when I was with Marlene, but when I told Mr. T about it he insisted we head north instead of south to make a purchase. Here it is:

Originally $399 on the Ballard Designs website, I fell in love with the Morgan Coffee Table. The great thing about Atlanta is that there is not one...but two Ballard's Backrooms. Ahhhhhh....the joys of finding a good deal. And we did just that. Marked to $99 this was one purchase that I couldn't pass up. We bought it in black and while it was not in perfect condition, the few places where the paint was worn off gave it the perfect shabby chic look. The baskets were not included, but I had a little birthday money from my mom and MIL that I was more than willing to fork over! I love the size, it's perfect for our family game nights when I always win at Scrabble:) And I love, love, love all the storage it has. One basket holds all our magazines while the other is the perfect spot for winter blankets. Yay for Ballard's Backroom!

Rachel :)

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Sandy said...

Congrats on your Greg deal, wish we had a back room in eastern NC!