Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lofty Expectations

Many times in life our expectations far exceed the outcomes. This realization slapped me in the face today when I realized January is over and February is here. I had three running goals last month: to run 16 times, finish 65 miles, and have four runs with my average mile under 9:30. So here I sit, and yes, I didn't accomplish one of these goals. Maybe I should stop checking my email, get off facebook, quit texting, finish cleaning...or simply get off my butt and go. Seriously, these are not the real reason I didn't meet my goals this month. Things happen and while I am clearly a walnut, sometimes life gets in the way and you cannot accomplish what you set out to.

So, it's a new dawn, a new day, a new month. I set the same goals this month as I did last month. I'll try to meet them but if I don't I will give it another shot in March. I ran yesterday with a pace of 8:53. A great start to February. I now have one run down and one run under a 9:30 pace. Today I am at home with a sick Brainy Smurf. He need lots of love and I am going to enjoy a day home with my little man. There is always tomorrow...

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