Saturday, February 26, 2011

Springtime Crush

Marlene and I are in love...a head over heels real life crush. And not with each other. We recently discovered House Tweaking, a blog written by Dana, a full-time mom and part-time pharmacist, who writes about her life, her family, and her house. She is cute, funny, brilliant, and has super great taste. I am pretty sure Marlene wants to dump me and be best friends with her. Don't say anything, but I don't think Marlene is cool enough for her.

After both of us stalking her blog for the past several days (it took me two days to read every blog she's ever written and Marlene emailed her asking for advise...yes, she's that pathetic), she has inspired what I'll call my first house tweak. Our 1950's kitchen has shelves on both sides of the kitchen sink. Charming, yes...functional, no. I'm not a knick knack fan and pictures I put there tend to get splattered and splashed on. This week, Dana posted about her kitchen hardware. I love the hardware, but with 51 cabinets and drawers in the kitchen, new hardware is not in the budget.

Last night the we packed up and took a family trip to Lowes. I found hardware similar to Dana's, went home and put Mr. T to work...not really. Here is what I came up with:

I am beyond thrilled at my $10 tweak. The shelves are clean, neat, and easy to keep that way. Before, we had kitchen towels across the kitchen hanging on the fridge or oven. Now when we need them, we will have one on each side of the sink that we can use. When I pull out my monogramming machine next, I'll embroidered an S on both of them and be done! Thank you Dana for this wonderful idea!

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Anonymous said...

REALLY, RACHEL???? I am totally cool enough for her. You better watch it or you WILL get dumped :)