Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Welcome Home

I love eating out about as much as Marlene loves Tory Burch and Pandora jewelry...barf. Literally. Mr. T and I got home last night after taking a family vacation with the kids. It was great fun, adventurous, and exhausting. What I learned was that 6 days in a hotel room reeks havoc on trying to eat healthy. Ugh! We are a family that eats at home together every night that we can...given on the kids activities and Mr. T's schedule. I keep us on a reduced gluten diet and try to avoid anything overly processed, fried, or high in fat, preservatives and all that other crap that comes in many foods. It's not easy, but we generally eat fairly healthy. I keep up with our daily water, vegetable, and fruit intake.

That being said, as we pulled into town last night at 6:30pm after being gone for almost a week, Mr. T looked at me and said, "What's for dinner?" I wanted to cry. The thought of eating out ANOTHER meal was not appealing at all. Brainy Smurf had already thrown up on the trip due to a crappy diet. As we pondered what to do for dinner I came up with an idea...

There needs to be a business called Welcome Home. You can set up a prearranged date and menu and call when you are a few hours from your destination. When you do arrive home; after being gone a day, week, or a month; a good quality dinner is ready for you at your house. I would have given anything yesterday to have been able to come home to a fresh salad, vegetables, and dinner. Any takers?

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