Thursday, February 17, 2011


Like Rachel, I love to exercise.  I thought it was something that I was pressured (by my mother, media, society) to do, but I realized that whenever the I come home and the kids are gone, the first thing I do is exercise.  I enjoy running, strength training, and ballet.  My problem is that when J is on a trip, exercise becomes nearly impossible.  My two year old thinks me doing push-ups is an invitation to climb on my back.  There is also the issue of me having to do EVERYTHING-cook dinner, make sure homework gets done, feed our two mangy dogs, one very furry cat, and two frogs, bathe the boys, do the laundry, go to work.  Well, you get the idea.  Exercise becomes very last on the list. 

I do know something about myself, though. If I pay money to do something it serves as encouragement.  I met Katie Scharf yesterday at MOPS and she is a personal trainer who will come to your home.  She specializes in prenatal and postpartum women.  I told her I was VERY postpartum but still short on time, a mom, and a woman.  She agreed to work with me because I guess in the end, I am a woman/mom willing to pay her.  I can't afford to have a trainer every week or even really begin to schedule with one because as our friends and family know, we can't make plans even 24 hours in advance because of J's job.  Katie offers a 75 minute consultation and will create a workout plan for you to follow.  I like this idea because it's inexpensive (she quoted me $50) and I can meet with her every couple of months or so and refresh my workout so I don't get bored. 

I think having someone to touch base with like this will keep me in line and keep me motivated.  She said she checks in with her clients and also encourages them to have a goal, a 5k race for instance.  I know that if she is looking over my shoulder, even periodically, I will force myself to follow the plan. 

I guess in the end, it's about finding your it weight loss, health issues, or the simple fact that you are spending money and don't want to waste it?  Whatever it is, use it to your advantage!

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