Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I've heard before that a new house is like a new relationship...never try to make changes in the first 6 months. I should have listened...We have a room in our house that's not a bedroom, not an office, not a den...I really don't know what it is. It has a good sized closet, a door to the back patio, and 2 doorways with no doors that lead to the foyer and the kitchen. Because of this, the room with no name becomes more of a weird hallway that we use to get to the kitchen. The first two years we lived in this house we tried to use it as an office for Mr. T, but when we moved his office to the living room it went back to being a hallway with a too small over-priced love seat in it. A few months ago, after 2 1/2 years, we finally figured out what to do.

I've always been against playrooms. Well, maybe not against, maybe just jealous because we never had the space. Anyway, I've been of the mindset that kids can play in their rooms and there is no need for them to take over the house. I was pretty confident in this thought until Brainy Smurf turned 9 and had a spend the night party for 9 of his best friends. Best smelly friends. Let's face it...boys smell, their feet smell, their breath smells. They fart and burp and smell. End of story.

With that being said we decided that our room with no name needed to become a kids den. Not to house their toys, but to have a place where smelly Brainy Smurf could come in with his dirty, smelly friends and watch tv or play the Wii (the little smurfs don't have tvs in their bedrooms) without me having a fit over them sitting on the nice, wheat colored living room sofas. While I wanted the room to look nice (remember...no doors!) I didn't want to pay a nice price for it. After a few trips around town I found a fabulous rug at TJ Maxx and believe it or not the most perfect 8' x 11' sectional at Big Lots. Who knew!?! While the room is far from finished (lamps and wall decor are in my near future) I am already thrilled with how it is turning out! The smurfs love it and I feel like we just added an addition to our 1950's ranch. Everybody's happy!

blank canvas...12' x 16'

sideboard to house the electronics

door to back patio and closet

path from the foyer to the kitchen
Rachel :)
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IHeart Organizing said...

Great find and fantastic space! That couch looks so much like ours, probably much cheaper though! Good work!!

Thanks for sharing! :)


Tarek Ali said...

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