Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hidden Office

For the last two years we have struggled with having a designated space in our house for our home office. Mr. T works from home and was in need of his own area. Besides the sofa, lamps, and armoire; what else do you see in this picture?

Surprise...It's our home office! Instead of a sofa table with lamps and useless decorative items, we opted for a desk with space to spread out. The armoire, which held blankets and kids toys for years, is now a part of this great home office. Just what Mr. T wanted.

Good luck in carving out a great space in your home!

Rachel :) Pin It


Moms Crafty said...

I could use your organization in my small house! Come visit and fix us! Love what you did. You're so organized Rach!

Michelle said...

Perfect for the man of the house, simple and clean. Very clever :)