Friday, December 3, 2010

Fit for a princess

I'm normally a diamond girl.  I don't really gravitate towards colored stones because I see jewelry as a seasonal thing and it's too expensive to have a fine jewelry wardrobe for each season (although I would absolutely love it!  Ooohhh-blog idea!).  Diamonds go with everything, though. The one exception to my color rule is sapphires. My favorite color is blue and I wear it in varying hues year round.  I just came across this ring in our files and I love it.  It is a 4.48 carat sapphire center stone with half-moon diamonds on the sides and diamonds in the band.  We custom-made it for a client several years ago.

I would wear this on my right hand all of the time.  I love the color of the sapphire and the mounting is amazing! 

Another style I like is this's not as dramatic, but still gorgeous!

When Prince William proposed to his girlfriend Kate (who now wants to be known as Catherine) with his mother's 18 carat sapphire ring a couple of weeks ago we saw a huge spike in interest in sapphires from our clients at Ascot. Apparently the same thing happened when Prince Charles proposed to Diana with the ring originally. 

Anywhooo, I'm rambling...I don't know why, but I find it funny that Americans are so interested in and influenced by the British Royal family when we fought so hard to be independent from them.  Hello, 4th of July!

If you had a diamond only rule, what would be the one stone that could make you break the rule?

Happy Hanukkah! 


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