Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The real cost of a vacation

This year, we decided that instead of buying the boys 8 presents each for Hanukkah we would take a family vacation.  Jake REALLY wanted to go to the Nickelodeon Hotel after seeing the commercial (he really wants a Shark floor steamer after seeing that commercial, too, but that would just create work for me).

We went this weekend with my other best friend, Malinda, and her husband and two boys.  I budgeted perfectly and everyone had a blast.  We ate a ton, drank a ton, and did not sleep a ton.  There was one unexpected cost that I incurred before we left town that I didn't predict, though...

While packing on Thursday I started looking at my handbag that I have been carrying.  It's a black leather bag that I've had for years and is good for pulling out of the closet while I am looking for "the one" each season.  The thing it's not good for is piling a camera, camcorder, diaper, sippy cups, hand sanitizer, and a wallet into.  I knew that I would need to consolidate my handbag, diaper bag, and Paula Rogers* (see footnote)  paraphernalia for this trip.

I went to Nordstrom on Thursday at lunch and found the perfect bag.  It held everything I mentioned above and then some.  It is also, stylish, light-weight, and the softest leather imaginable.  Here is a picture:


You can't tell, but it has studs on the handles and the hardware is pretty cool, too.  The one and only drawback is that it doesn't have outside pockets, but it opens up so wide that I don't really care.  It has a few well-positioned pockets on the inside that I am learning to live with.  I didn't plan on this vacation expense, but it turned out to be worth every penny (in my defense, I did have $20 in Nordstrom bucks!). I really hate buying myself expensive things around Hanukkah and Christmas, but sometimes a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do!  I'm sure I even ended up saving us some money along the way because of all of the snacks I was able to stowe in the bag.  If you ever need justification for anything, just shoot me and email, I'm happy to help!

*Paula Rogers is the mother of some girl J dated in high school.  She apparently followed her children around everywhere with a camera and whenever I pull mine out J yells, "Everybody smile, Paula is here!" I must say, though, Paula managed to capture a wonderful picture of her daughter in a polka dot dress and my husband in a matching polka dot tie!

Leatherly yours,

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