Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Like a Virgin

Today is the first day of the Virgo! Since I'm a Virgo, I thought I'd test my astrological sign information just to see if I'm compatible with myself...

Virgo's Birthday:
"Intelligent and analytical, Virgos have an affinity for learning new things, and excellent memories for retaining the information. They also get a kick out of sharing their knowledge." hmmmmmm...did you know the RI State House has the 4th largest self-supported dome in the world...

Virgo's Style:
"Virgos are meticulous about their appearance, and err on the practical side of fashion. Leave the fuss and frills out this fall and go for a more classic look with knee-length pencil skirts and tailored jackets. If you’re feeling the need to embellish, then opt for colorful accessories."

do protective eye glasses count as an accessory?
Virgo's Colors:
"As an earth sign, Virgo’s colors are beiges, tans, browns and greens, which are very soothing to the sign’s anxious temperament. Surround yourself with earthy hues."

does a big purple chalkboard count as soothing?
Virgo's Mood:
"Virgos have very overactive minds, which can cause a lot of angst. Combat the ailing effects of stress with a weekly restorative yoga class."

me, do yoga?...never!

Virgo's Personality:
"Constantly analyzing and critiquing everything, Virgos can be quite hard on themselves and are easily disappointed." everything I do is quite lovely, thank you

Virgo's Day of the Week:
"Hardworking and dutiful, it seems fitting that Virgo's lucky day lands in the middle of the workweek, on Wednesday. Happy hump day to you!" no way...I think the last day I took off was a Saturday...

Virgo's Home:
"Virgos can often spend so much time trying to organize their thoughts that they forget about their homes. But a cluttered space is a cluttered mind, and Virgos are very sensitive to their surroundings. You'll be happiest when things are in their right places, so get yourself some space savers to bring some harmony into your home." my house is never cluttered...

Virgo Workout:
"Exercise is a crucial part of a Virgo's healthy lifestyle, and chances are that you're already committed to a routine. However, the body becomes complacent when it does the same workout week in and week out. Try some new moves that will force your muscles to respond."

ok...so it's not me, but I was hoping if I
made it small enough you might think it was...
Virgo Creative Outlet:
"Virgos' manifestation skills are unmatched by the other signs in the Zodiac, and they have the power to create their own realities with their minds." did you hear that people!!! i have the ability to create my own little world!

Virgo Hobby:
"As the universe's planners, Virgos love a good project. Start a garden: Your earthy nature will thrive in the dirt, and your methodic disposition will enjoy the whole process from beginning to end. Plus, gardening is also another great way to get you to relax a bit." I garden...in pots...

Virgo Money:
"Perhaps it's their sensibility or dislike for the spontaneous, but Virgos are known to be prudent—dare I say tight—with their money." me...tight...never! I only shop at the BEST thrift stores...

Virgo BFF:
"True Virgos are somewhat reserved and don't allow themselves to enter new relationships easily, making the few friends they do have extremely valuable. Independent and fairly unemotional, you probably don't do well with overly needy girlfriends who take your matter-of-factness personally. You would most likely find a good balance with a BFF of the same sign."  I guess I'll keep Marlene for now...I might kill a BFF with the same sign. Plus if would take me forever to find a new one...

Rachel :)
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Unknown said...

Oh my...you had me laughing through out your post!!! LOL Thank you for that. I think it was even funnier as my Mom is a Virgo and these traits don't match her 100% either. ;)

Good times indeed!