Monday, July 25, 2011

Never, Ever Again

A few weeks ago I wrote this post about coming up with the perfect baby gift. If I'd only known. Pinterest gets me in trouble. I see all these great photos and think to myself, "I can do that..." Well...sometimes I can't. Case in point:

A few weeks ago I saw this:

Tao of Craft
Adorable, right? I walked right into the trap. Printed out the directions, grabbed a few things from the store and I was on my way to making the cutest baby shoes ever.

Never, ever again. I mean it. These little things were a huge pain in the ... Even if William and Cate have a baby, and its a girl, and they name her after me, they will not be getting a pair of these. Not ever. What started as the best baby gift ever ended with me ill at the sewing machine and developing scoliosis from hunching over it for so long. Granted, part of it is my fault. The pictures were great. The instructions were great. I picked the wrong fabric, wrong liner, wrong weave, but was too far in by the time I realized all of this. Boo to the Pinterest Gods for making me think I can do it all.

Rachel :(
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Moms Crafty said...

Rach, you have GOT to post some pics of how they turned out... LOL! That's the best part!