Monday, August 8, 2011

Banana Messages

So this doesn't fall under Accessorizing or Organizing, but it entertained me for about 24 hours.  I saw on the internet that you can use a toothpick to lightly "write" on a banana skin (thank you, Bloggess, for your brilliance.  If you don't read her blog, I strongly suggest you start.  If you aren't easily offended, that is.). You can't see it immediately, but the next day your message appears brown like so:

I did this a couple of nights ago before I went to bed.  You can imagine my disappointment the next morning when J asked the boys if they wanted bananas for breakfast and they said "no".  All was not lost, though, because J had an apple out of the fruit basket for lunch.  That night in the middle of dinner he looked at me with this weird face and said, "have you been writing on our bananas?"  Normally, I can keep a straight face...this time, not so much.  He looked so concerned that I started laughing until tears were rolling down my face. I told him what I had done and he then suggested that we take our toothpicks to Publix to pray on the unassuming shoppers there-which is exactly what the other blog suggested-and was what I planned on doing anyway.  I'm so glad he and I are on the same page.  I do plan on using this trick for good when packing school lunches in a couple of weeks.  Got to teach the kids to read first, though!  

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