Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

As you may have read previously, today is J.'s and my 9th anniversary!  We got married on Amelia Island and the ceremony was supposed to be on the beach. In typical J. fashion, (whenever he plans something outdoors, the weather always turns to garbage...ALWAYS) it stormed all day long.  Also, the state of Florida decided it was a perfect time to haul out the bulldozers and backhoes and do a little beach rejuvenation on the very spot I planned to stand.  It stopped raining long enough for us to say our vows by a lovely pool and run under a tent to start celebrating.  Although we did have a violinist, all I could hear was the beep-beep-beep of the backhoe.  Well, that and J saying his vows, of course.  Check out these two crazy kids!

And here's Rach and me!

Anniversary presents are weird to me. I can never figure out what to get him.  I kind of feel like it's an occasion that we should go out and buy something for "us" or take a trip or something.  I actually got to go with him on the jet (because that's how I roll-about once a year-when his boss says it's OK) to New York this weekend, so that was our trip.  It was wonderful and believe it or not, I didn't buy a thing.

O.k., I'm rambling.  You can go back and read the post linked above if you want the back story on my gift to him this year.  The short version is that I saw a couple of pictures on Etsy that touched me and made me think of J and our life. It isn't really a "gift" exactly, but more of an art installation devoted to us.  I took a great picture of the boys and had Sherri Conley, the photographer of one of the prints, tint it and enlarge it for me.  I presented all three to Jamie and he hung them over our bed.  Here is the finished product!  I could not love it more!!!

They insisted on being in a picture.  I was happy to oblige
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Rachel said...

holy cow!!! that picture of us happy anniversary! it looks great!