Monday, August 22, 2011

Good Customer Service...Or Bad?

If you've been reading for a while, you'll remember my breakfast nook. You know...the one that used to look like this:

that now looks like this:

It's super great, but I've been struggling with what to put in there for a table and chairs. The farmhouse table I built for my mom looked GREAT...oh yeah, it was for my mom.

Now that it is gone, I have our round pedestal table in there. I bought it three years ago at a Wood You store and stained it dark...really dark.

I'm committed to keeping the table (for a little while at least) because 1. it's not in the budget for a new one and 2. it's not in the budget for a new one. So this leads me to chairs for the awesome breakfast nook and super dark table. Here are some that I like:

White French Bistro Side Chair, Set of 2 | World Market
French Bistro Side Chair
Elana Banana Leaf Chair Set
Banana Leaf Chair

Here is what I HEART but my checkbook does not:

Jackson Metal Tub Chair | World Market
Jackson Metal Tub Chair

I bought these at Ballards Outlet but the were too big and too white (I'm starting to sound like Goldilocks):

Set of 2 Provence Dining Chairs
Provence Dining Chair
I was disappointed when I got home with them and realized they were not great, but Smurfette needed a desk chair in her room, so now they live (and look fab) in there. I then ordered these from

Ok...let me back up. I ordered the chairs from Target before I bought the chairs from Ballards. I love ordering from Target because the selection on the website is much better than in stores and you can return it to their store without having to ship it back. Plus I got free shipping. Super! I was waiting for the chairs to arrive when Sarah and I made an impromptu trip to the Ballard Outlet. The plan was if the Ballard chairs worked, I would return the Target chairs. The Ballard chairs didn't work (can't return those), so I waited for the Target chairs. And waited. And waited. I finally received an email from Target that said the order was taking longer that usual to process and I could cancel if needed because it had been so long. Two days later, guess what? The chairs arrived!! We unboxed them, put them together, and...I'm not in love. I'm not really in like either. They are great, don't get me wrong, but the backs are a little high and they over power the area. Ok, I figured I'd return them to the store. The next day I get another email from Target...they are sorry, they have canceled my order because they are unable to fill it...hmmmmmmm...but I received my order!?! I checked my account online and sure enough my order has been canceled. No trace. No order number. Nothing. I check my credit card. No charge. Nothing. I call Target because I have no receipt and can't return the chairs I don't heart without a receipt. The nice man at the other end of this phone call had this to say...

nice man, "I'm sorry but there is no record of this order number."

me, "But I ordered these chairs and now they are here and I don't like them and I want to return them."

nice man, "I'm sorry but you can't return them."

me, "But I want too..."

nice man,  "Nope. Sorry."

me, "But Target made a mistake and it's not my fault and I'd like to return them."

nice man, "Well, just consider it your lucky day."

The conversation went on for 20 more minutes, but I'm sure you get the picture. I am now the lucky owner of some chairs I don't heart. He assured me I would never be charged and to consider this a gift from Target. So I really can't justify going out and spending money on my dream chairs when I have free chairs...

Rachel :(
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Moms Crafty said...

That is hysterical! Wish I needed them and I'd work a trade!

Shannon said...

Too funny!! At least he was nice about it and you get to keep the chairs! Maybe you could sell them on Craigslist to get the $$ to buy new!! Also after all that, you didn't show us the final reveal!!! What it looks like now!! Have a great day & love your blog!!!

Maddie said...

At least you got to keep them, right? Don't look a gift chair in the mouth?