Thursday, September 15, 2011

French Flour Sacks

I love using flour sacks in the kitchen. I use them to bake, clean, cook...seriously...for everything. Last week I came across some cute french ones in an Etsy store. They were very reasonably priced at $8 each. Shipping started at $3. Not bad, but I was interested in more than one...and the numbers added up fast. Instead, I googled vintage kitchen clip art and found a few really great FREE designs from The Graphics Fairy. Tucked away with some craft supplies I had transfer paper left over from a previous project,'s the rest...

You will need:
Flour sacks (washed and dried)
Design of your choice printed on transfer paper (make sure the text is reversed)
Hot iron

Iron your clean flour sack and place the design where you want it.
Iron on a dry hot setting for 4 minutes.

Let it cool for 1 minute then peel off backing paper.


Rachel :)

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