Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 1 Self-Portrait

Yup...that's me! Here is my Day 1 self-portrait. I thought about trying to figure out the self timer, but I didn't want to get crazy fancy on you. I did learn a lot... how to turn the camera and flash on and off. I experimented with a few of the settings. In the end, I used the automatic setting with the flash turned off. And something was set to soft...? So maybe it wasn't the automatic setting I used...hmmmm The most important things I learned about a self-portrait: if you aim at your mouth, your head is centered...woohoo! And...what fun is it to take a gazillion pictures of yourself if you can't be a little silly...

ok...I also learned how to use the continuous shot! I ordered Photography for Dummies and I am hoping it will help me a ton. This is my last week in kindergarten, but I happen to have today off. Tomorrow I will be back with Friday's Find (a super one!), Day 2 of the Photography Challenge, and maybe a project or something with some interest. I've got my sights set high...have a GREAT day!!!

Rachel :)

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