Thursday, May 26, 2011

Working on the Bench...

Mr. T and I have been working hard taking our breakfast nook from this:

to look more like our inspiration:


We scored BIG when we found this for $50 at our local Habitat ReStore:

The custom bench that was custom for someone else's very large kitchen was 104" in length and 24" deep. The depth is perfect..exactly what we wanted. Our nook is 76" wide so we had to take some length off. The original bench had two drawers with two cabinets on either side. We took the drawers out (lots and lots of pulling and prying, they had seen better days) and removed the top along with the cabinet doors. Then we measured and got ready to make cuts...measure twice, cut once!!!

one side cut!

checking the measurements before we added end pieces

charlie brown approves!
After all the cuts were made Mr. T cut two new sides and used wood screw to attach them. At one point I want to do everything cut later and I gladly turned the saw over to the muscle behind our operation! I would much rather measure, draw lines, and bark orders...just kidding...not really! When the side were attached ( I primed them first), I got busy with the hand sander. A few coats of paint later we were watching the paint dry, ready to move this beauty inside! Time to get busy deciding on what was going on the back wall...

Rachel :)
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