Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me...finally!

As previously discussed, I decided that I wanted jewelry for my birthday.  In the usual fashion, J gave me a budget and told me to get what I wanted (he's such a romantic).  I've decided that I'm too wishy-washy to commit to one really nice ring for my right hand.  I want to start a stack ring collection. This way, I can have ten (well maybe not that many) different rings that all look great together and I can choose what to wear based on my current whim.  I already have one set of tri-colored gold and diamond bands but they are really plain.  I wanted something unique but simple.  I found a ring that met those requirements at Elizabeth Showers. This is the ring:

Because I am in the jewelry business and have 4 extremely talented artisans at my disposal, I just can't buy fine jewelry anywhere else.  I printed off a picture of this ring and gave it to Margie, who HAND CARVES our pieces.  For those of you who don't know, hand made jewelry starts out as wax, is then cast in metal and hand finished.  She is amazing!  Drumroll, please.....

 My diamonds are actually bigger because I wanted it to be harder to tell the balls apart from the diamonds. They did an amazing job copying the piece, no?! I love my job husband!  Now the hard part is deciding which design I want next...

Here is a very cool website that lets you play around and stack different rings together to see what you like. http://www.mygabrielny.com/stack/  You have to promise me that if you see something you want, you will call me and let me copy it, though!  

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