Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Calypso Update

As soon as I finished yesterday's post I went running to Target to check out the Calypso collection.  I walked out of Target 14 minutes after I started with all of this:

Like how I hacked her together?

and this...

Cutest little vest ever.  Crochet is HUGE for Spring and Summer.  This will be so cute with a bright tank top under it!

...and this, too...

this is the last thing-I promise!

No closet can have enough white tanks for Summer. 

I tried on this dress but it didn't fit.  

The bottom was too big and I couldn't have worn the top any smaller.  Oh well, I think I did enough damage in record time.  I also managed to pick out a birthday card for my sister in those 14 minutes.  I did my homework before I went in there.  I also looked for the cute espadrilles from yesterday but they weren't out, yet.  There is a Target on my way home from work, though!  Can you tell I'm obsessed with this stuff?

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