Monday, May 30, 2011

The Making of a Gallery Wall

When we started working on our breakfast nook, I knew right away I wanted to have a gallery wall of pictures and art behind the bench. Crisp white frames with white mats and lots of colorful art. I want to be able to sit, have a cup of coffee, read a magazine or book ( I don't really have THAT much free time) with reminders of my family smiling down. If you read Friday's post, I shared with you pictures of gallery walls that I liked. My favorite was the wall by Young House Love, so I used them for inspiration. They are also design geniuses and give really super directions on their website.

So with my mind made up, I spent a few weeks picking out frames here and there. I didn't want them to be too matchy matchy so they came from various places, all on sale or clearance...they only way to go! After picking out artwork and frames, I sat on the floor with them, moving and turning until I came up with a design. I traced all the frames on newspaper, cut them out, then taped them on the wall where I wanted them to go. While the process was time consuming, it made hanging so much easier and painless! I'm waiting until the big reveal before I show you the finished wall, but I'll post a few sneak peaks today...

starting small...

making a mess...

more mess

lots of bent nails...this happens a lot with plaster walls!
While this doesn't show much, maybe it will help you with a gallery wall in your house!

Rachel :)
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