Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kitchen Progress...

Remember when our breakfast nook looked liked this?:

...and then it looked liked this...

I spent some time sanding and cleaning and got it ready to paint. I save all paint cans, organized on the tip top shelf in Smurfettes closet. I found the one labeled kitchen and went to the hardware store to get a quart. It went something like this...

Me: "I need another quart for this paint please..."

Man: "hmmmmmmmmm...Sorry, but we don't carry pastel bases anymore. I can color match, but it's not going to be the exact same color..."

Me: "Crappers..."

I thought I was being so good and staying so organized by saving old paint cans and labeling EVERYTHING! Who knew that paints change as much as fashion does...ugh... I ended up buying the paint that day. I decided to paint the two walls where all the holes had been patched and hope for the best. I painted from a wall crease to the end of the adjoining wall. So, it wasn't the exact color, but it was super close and I was happy!

3M Hand Sander...GREAT!

dust everywhere!!!

can you tell I don't get my fashion sense from Marlene?

who is really doing the work here?
awe...he's so cute...
Basically this is how my mind works. Which is why I have a million different projects going on at any given time. And since I discovered Pinterest, I have become ten times worse. I saw this quote today. I think I'm going to frame it and put it on Mr. T's nightstand...

She's crazy.
And just when you think
you've reached the bottom
of her craziness,
there's a crazy underground garage.
-from Will and Grace

Rachel :)
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