Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring Has Sprung...

Ahhhh...I love spring! There is nothing better that spending a Saturday working outside, only stopping at the end of the day to enjoy the hard work that was put forth. I committed to waiting until after Spring Break for outside projects, so we began this week. The Smurfs and I spent a few days painting pots for a few herbs and veggies. We had fun using left over chalkboard paint so we would be able to personalize our pots. I keep reminding myself that this is just the beginning. I am looking forward to the next few weeks before the summer southern heat begins...

the other side says mom and dad's mint...
but mom's mint had a better ring to it :)

smurfette's peace out cumcumbers

brainy smurf's cabbage

the gang

I bought the awesome herb markers from Etsy, one of my favorite sites for handmade unique goodies. Sarah at Simple Pretty Prints creates really cute personalized items at a great price. You will find the garden markers there. I hope everyone had a wonderful Earth Day...go plant something!

Rachel :)

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Anonymous said...

These would make WONDERFUL teacher gifts! I am totally ripping you off and doing this! :) Penny


such adorable use of chalkboard paint.