Friday, April 8, 2011

My Vision...

I posted some pictures of built in book shelves that inspire me.  I am moving toward having every room in my house furnished in a neutral pallet and accessorizing with pops of color.  I absolutely adore this room done by Windsor Smith.

I'm going for having all white, clear, or silver odds and ends but I LOVE how she has grouped the books!  I am also a sucker for Ikat (which I just learned how to pronounce: ee-kot).

I think this sofa from Ikea looks so comfortable.  It's slipcovered which means it's washable!  For $599, I'm sold! There are also about 6 other pieces that match it.
When I toiled in commercial real estate, I spent all day long looking at jewelry on the internet.  Now that looking at jewelry is my job, I spend the majority of my day looking at pillow covers on Etsy.

Here are a few pillows that will go perfectly in my dream den.  Or is it a living room?  Or a family room?  Whatever...the room with the sofa, tv, and fire place!
Pillow 1

Pillow 2

Pillow 3

Pillow 4
Pillow 5

Pillow 6

Here's the funny thing.  As I added pictures and drafted this post I realized that I long for the brighter colored pillows.  I started out loving pillows #3 & #4.  Now I realize that they are too subdued for me.  My new favorites are #1 and #5.  My favorite color is blue.  I wear it in every hue. I'm a poet and didn't know it, too.  It's my happy color. In the past I've decorated with it using lighter more subtle shades of it.  Going forward I'm looking for the royal-est of the royal, turquoise the shade of the Caribbean, and blue the color of the sky on a beautiful April day! 

I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere!


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