Monday, April 18, 2011

Laundry Blues

Like most old houses, our old house has no laundry room...that's right, NO laundry room. Unless you count the one outside, which I don't. But maybe I should., I guess there is a laundry room, but it's outside. The previous owners didn't use it as a laundry room either. They went through the wall and "pullled" all the hoses and other stuff into the breakfast nook. At 6' x 7' it could be a really, really cute nook, but instead there sit my circa 2003 washer and my wanna be really cute breakfast nook. At least at 2 am when one of the Smurfs throws up I am thankful it is inside and not outside!

When Mr. T and I moved into this house I was obsessed with hiding my washer and dryer. We talked about all of our options: walls, doors, curtains, even moving it back outside. We were never happy with anything we talked about, so there they sat. I think its better to do nothing than do the wrong thing. These days, I am so glad we waited. Here is what the laundry nook looked liked in relationship to the rest of the kitchen:

looking good! nice and neat!
normally there is not a bike in my kitchen...still trying to figure this one out!
Unfortunatly not everyday can be an organized day. So on a lot most days, the laundry nook ended up looking like this:

and the kitchen ended up looking like this:

Stayed tuned...

Rachel :)
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