Monday, February 13, 2012

A Boys Room...Moving Up In the World

My little man isn't exactly little any more. He's growing up...way too fast for me, but it's still happening. He was 6 years old and had just finished kindergarten when we moved into our old house. Flash forward a few years and he is now 10 and well into his 4th grade year.

He has changed and it was time for his room to reflect is what it looked like before...

And here are the after pictures...

The beds went from single to bunked. A new area rug and window panels were added as well as sconces for both bunks. The antique corner desk (Pennsylvania House...and yes, I got it from the side of the road) was paired with a hand-me-down chair that I painted black. I was able to get some old wood (for free) from the local wrecking yard that I cut into two shelves and mounted with metal brackets from Home Depot. After a quick trip to my favorite thrift store, I left with an old stop sign, a vintage architecture light, the "lucky" mason jar, an antique table fan, and a curio shelf that was hung and turned into storage for his Lego men. Paper storage was hung on the wall beside the desk for those afternoons when he has "SO" much homework. The closet door is a fun little place for chalkboard drawings, and he still has the perfect spot for his backpack. Mr. T moved the $1 book shelves from the other side of the room and I hung part of his pennant collection from the different cities we have traveled to. The bedding is the same...I just perked it up with a bottle of Rit Dye in Denim.

What's better than a fresh, new, organized space? Spending some great quality time with my little man!!!

Rachel :)
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Shannon said...

HEART IT! Now can you come help me with Z Man's space?? :)

vanessa said...

I love this makeover. Such a great classic boy's room. I love the way you incorporated all of those special baseballs!

Anonymous said...

It looks like it might be a great makeover, but who can tell from the after photos? So annoying when bloggers show a before photo of the whole space and then no afters of the entire space. At least ONE photo of the entire space and then all the details would be a much more helpful post.

Pat said...

If I recall correctly, you had the bunkbeds before and the split them, and now they are back as bunkbeds, is that correct? I think it was the same post as when you made the hanging holders from the pallets?

Unknown said...

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