Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hey Girl...We have a Winner!!

If you don't know who Ryan Gosling this...

So now that you know, the crew over at Handmade Ryan has come up with some ridiculously funny stuff...check these out...

Submitted by @GreenEnough4Me

Submitted by @omyfamily

Submitted by sewweekly

Submitted by @live_long_day

By @theowlandthebee

By @theowlandthebee

By @theowlandthebee

By @sweatshopoflove

By @sweatshopoflove

Oh did you know? Actually, it was 6...but who is counting? And the winner of the custom frame by the Lemonade Stand is...comment number 3...Grammy Goodwill! Congrats!!!

Rachel :)
p.s....Ryan...I heart you... 

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Grammy Goodwill said...

Thank you so much. After bad news about my laptop, I really needed good news.

Sherly said...

thanks for the good laugh my husband and I where in stitches ; )