Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Copy Cat Chic

I've taken a little time (ok...a LOT of time) over the break and have been trying to update/clean/organize Brainy Smurfs room. The twin beds that were bunked at one time, then separated, are now bunked again. I have been searching for two swing arm lights to mount on the wall beside his top bunk and lower bunk to give him a little more lighting when he reads. Here's the inspiration picture...

Restoration Hardware
I love the sconces in this picture from Restoration Hardware. Unfortunately, I don't love the price. Long story short, I found them for a good bit cheaper and let my friend Reichel over at Copy Cat Chic know. Today, she featured this Chic Find...so stop by her place to see what I found!

Rachel :) Pin It


Morgan said...

That lighting is gorgeous! That's great that you found a way to get it cheaper.

Accessorize and Organize said...

Thanks Morgan!!! I'm still holding out to find them cheaper or wait until they go on sale :)