Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Naked Plumber

Top 10 reasons why I love my old house:
1.       Plaster walls and ceilings = cracks everywhere
2.       Old creaky hardwood floors
3.       Formal dining room with a huge gaudy chandelier
4.       No laundry room turns the kitchen into a folding station
5.       4” x 4” master bath
6.       No pantry means I can’t waste money at Sams
7.       Using the electric skillet and waffle maker at the same time trips the breaker
8.       One upside down outlet in the master bath means no blow drying my hair in there
9.       Gas heat
10.   The Naked Plumber…I can’t shower without the drain stopping up. I am constantly trying to wash my hair and plunge the drain at the same time.
What do you love about your house?
Rachel J
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Moms Crafty said...

Hilarious! Feel your pain, sister! We trip the fuses in our house all the time! You can't blow dry your hair and have anything else plugged in anywhere near the back. I love that our master bathroom/laundry and closet is no less than 48 degrees during the winter! We are freezing pretty much all over the house all winter. Love old houses!

Rachel said...

i wouldn't trade it for anything! hopefully in late spring we will gut the master bath and expand it into what is now a closet...i will be calling for advice!!!