Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I didn't know I couldn't live without it...

Unbeknownst to me, December in the diamond business is full-on chaos.  I know you are probably thinking I am a moron for not assuming it would be, but I feel so strongly about an engagement ring NOT being a gift that I didn't even consider that the rest of the world didn't share my opinion.

 Full disclosure-J proposed (his idea of a proposal, anyway) to me on Christmas day.  It was after I had opened real gifts, though.  I just feel like a guy giving a girl a ring on Christmas says, "Hey, baby, how 'bout I give you a little Me this year?".  Me getting proposed to on Christmas is just a little "ha ha" from the powers that be.

Anyway, that is the long excuse for why you've only been getting the Organize and not the Accessorize on this blog.  I've simply been too busy.

For Christmas/Hanukkah this year, Santa/Hanukkah Harry/J gave me a Kindle.  I LOVE IT!  I had no idea what I was missing.  I'm 43% into my third book since December 25th.  It is the one accessory that I probably wouldn't have bought for myself. 

I've slowed down my reading for a number of reasons.  Having two kids isn't exactly condusive to carving out time lounging on the sofa with a good book.  I'm running out of storage space and am sharing Jake's bookshelf.  Half of the shelf is Dr. Seuss and the other half is Patricia Cornwell death and destruction.  Lastly, hardback books aren't cheap and finding time to browse at the bookstore is difficult.

Nearly all of the above problems are solved by my sweet, precious Kindle.  Space is no longer an issue and with the click of a button I can download a new book!  The books are also totally affordable-I haven't seen one for more than $12.99 and that was a brand new release. 

I think my marriage is going to be saved by the Kindle, also.  I got this cute little cover with a built in light.  Now I don't have to hear J say over and over again, "how much longer is that light going to stay on?"

For those of you who read my previous post regarding diamond earring jackets, don't worry.  J has informed me I have a very big birthday coming up and shouldn't put all my eggs in my Holiday basket.  I am definitely holding him to that!

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Rachel said...

i keep laughing at the line..."Me getting proposed to on Christmas is just a little "ha ha" from the powers that be." sooooooo funny!!!