Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Santa Baby

This isn't about what Santa brought me this year, but rather what he took away:

Above are the before pictures. When Mr. T and I moved in to this house, we decided to go with the TV above the fireplace. I never loved the whole look, especially the cords. Cords bug me. I'm not sure why. I started having issues with them about 15 years ago...go figure. I generally take a staple gun and staple them under table tops and down the back side of table legs so you can't see them...weird, i know. Otherwise things end up looking like poo. But, that's just my personal opinion.  Below is the after picture:

Yes, Santa came and took my cords away!! He also mounted the TV on the wall which I am pretty sure wasn't easy because of the plaster and fireplace...but I LOVE it! The fireplace and chimney are a fire hazard and we didn't use them anyway so Santa also built a nifty little shelf in the top of the fireplace for Mr. T's HD cable box and gave us power down there too. I have been waiting 2 1/2 years for this little project and am thrilled with the way it turned out!

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