Monday, November 8, 2010

The only one in the world...

I am happy in my J Crew t-shirts, Ann Taylor Loft cardigans and skinny jeans (o.k., so these aren't so cheap.  I have a weird body...regular jeans don't fit me).  Wearing this outfit, I could be any girl woman in America.  Do I want to be just ANY woman in America?  NO!  How do I transform this perfectly blah combination and set myself apart from the rest of the pack? Say it with me...ACCESSORIES! 

I spend hours and hours on the internet at the beginning of each season searching for the perfect handbag.  I'm not one of these people who buy 5 cheap handbags a season and swap them out constantly.  I usually buy a really nice leather bag and use it day in and day out until it's begging for mercy.  When my search begins, I almost always have a look in mind.  Am I going for tough, street chic this season?  Will I be a sweet bohemian hippie (not likely)?  Perhaps I am playing the lady for a few months.  My one constant requirement no matter the season or persona is an outside pocket for quick key and cell phone access. I really don't like buying well known brand bags because that is a guarantee that you will see your twin walking around the mall. Most of the time the image in my head never turns into reality and I have to settle for a bag that is close to what I have in mind.

Settle no more!  My father is generally on fashion's cusp.  A while back he discovered a line of handbags called Atalla.  They are made in Brooklyn by Sami Atalla (henceforth to be known as My New Best Friend).  It seems that My New Best Friend can bang out a high quality CUSTOM leather handbag literally overnight-if he likes you, which apparently he likes my dad.  I hope he likes me. 

When my dad sent me the Atalla catalog it had about 20 different bag styles and 30 leather swatches.  You could select gold or silver hardware.  These bags are fully customizable!  I have a dream that goes something like this:

MG:  Sami, it's that time again.  I'm thinking about my bag for next season.
SA:   Marlene!  It's so good to hear from you.  What can I create for you today?
MG:  Well, Sami, I'm thinking black.  Go figure, huh?  Hahahahaha.  I just adore the black herringbone leather swatch you sent.  I want one strap this season.  No wait, go ahead and make it two.  I'm feeling chunky silver hardware.  A little slouchy, not too much structure this go-around.  Definitely an outside zipper pocket.
SA:  A pocket?  You want a pocket?  How about TWO pockets?  One on each side!
MG:  Sami, you know how to make a girl happy.  Do you think you could make a tassel to go on the outside pocket zipper?  I really love tassels right now!
SA:  Can do, princess.  I'm going to stay up all night tonight and crank this baby out. 
MG:  Great! I'll have my husband fly me up to NY tomorrow to pick it up....

Oh, wait, that veers off into a totally different dream.  The one I was having was realistic.

I tried and tried to find a photograph of these bags to accompany my wordy post, but that's the beauty.  Close your eyes and imagine your dream bag.  Yep, that's what they look like.

Atalla bags are available at Shoe Visions .  And did I mention that they are totally affordable?

Ta Ta for now...

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