Wednesday, November 3, 2010

As promised...repurposing old jewelry!

According to a National Retail Federation consumer poll, 23% of people will ask for jewelry as Hanukkah (or Christmas, or Kwanzaa) gifts this year.  That's up 10% from last year.  Now, that number doesn't tell us how many people will actually RECEIVE jewelry as a gift!  I, for one, am part of the asking group.  J, I BETTER BE PART OF THE RECEIVING GROUP!  I want diamond earring jackets.  I don't have real diamond studs (shhhhh.....) but someday I will (2 carat total weight is all I need).  In the meantime, I want jackets to put around my cz's.

Ascot Diamonds earring jackets

So, back to my original point.  23% of consumers asking for jewelry leaves 77% that either don't want it, or don't think they can afford it.  Here is where the repurposing comes in.  Here are a few ideas for getting "new" jewelry without having to re-finance the house.

1. Upgrade- don't like your current earring, necklace, or ring setting?  Pick out a new one.  This can still be expensive, though.  Is some of your jewelry yellow gold and you are now a white gold gal?  Rhodium Plating to the rescue!  For about $50, you can turn your yellow gold into white through a process called rhodium plating.  Depending on your body chemistry and other environmental factors, it will have to be re-plated a couple of times a year, so it's an ongoing expense.

2. Get a new stone- Do you have a ring with a peridot in it but you aren't feeling green anymore?  How about replacing it with a sapphire? or an Amethyst? Or a blue topaz?  Semi precious stones can be found pretty inexpensively.

3.Sell your gold- If you have old gold jewelry that you don't wear anymore (and will never miss), sell it!  You can make some good money to put toward a new piece of jewelry.  Many jewelers will also buy stones, too.

I think the only piece of jewelry that I wear that wasn't made from family stones or from old jewelry that I had re-set is my wedding band.  My collection isn't growing, it's just evolving!

Hope these ideas spark some creativity!


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