Monday, November 1, 2010

The Minimalist

So, right now I am going through a minimalist phase (more out of necessity than fashion statement. Ya feel me?).  I am really digging Zoe Chicco jewelry.  I love the diamond bar bracelet so much that I melted down an old diamond bangle and used the stones from it (more on repurposing old jewelry later) and had our jewelers at Ascot make it for me in white gold.  I wear it every day!  The only problem is that it's top heavy and is always sliding under my wrist, but I am working on solving that issue.

My minimalist movement doesn't just stop at jewelry; it's worked it's way into my wardrobe and decor.  I could LIVE in leggings and a longish sweater or t-shirt and boots. It's easy and cheap to accessorize this combo with scarves, cheap jewelry or jackets.  I do have a really hard time finding t-shirts or tank tops that are long enough so that I feel covered up, though.  Any suggestions on brands I might try? 

As for the decor, I am changing up my (our) bedroom.  I had my upholstered headboard  recovered in a neutral linen and had a matching bedskirt made.  I am on the prowl for a white duvet cover or quilt, also.  My thinking is that if I have a neutral background, I can change shams, throw pillows, bed scarves, or blankets on a whim with minimal expense.  I'm not going to lie, I'm just following Rachel's lead.

Basically, the repurposing of old jewelry, easy wardrobe, and neutralizing my bedroom comes down to being able to get a new look quickly without having to spend a lot of money. 

Happy Monday!

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